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Receive expert advice and recommendations developed with a small business budget in mind. Learn the most effective marketing initiatives that will offer the highest ROI.

What’s Included:

1. Deep-dive, 1 hour session focusing on the ideal client profile and buyer persona to better source leads & referrals
2. Two 1-hour marketing strategy sessions concentrating on resources available & the greatest opportunities to increase sales
3. Summary plan with actionable steps and tactics
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Gaps Filled — Issues Solved:

1. A fresh perspective is powerful
2. Consultation provided by like-minded owners who are also practitioners with marketing expertise
3. Actionable strategies that are integrated with sales
4. A different approach to drive different results
5. Business growth goals require a marketing strategy
6. Buying behaviors are changing and relevancy is important


Learn what your digital platforms convey to the marketplace and the importance of your digital footprint when growing your business.

What’s Included:

1. One hour consulting session with conversation on market segments & customer type growth goals
2. Review of branding components to include website, online reputation pages, social channels and sales collateral
3. Review of your Google business listing
4. Review your last 5 emails to prospects/clients and/or the email templates you most commonly use
5. Reporting from detailed research and digital research tools
6. Recommendations report outlining key findings
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Gaps Filled — Issues Solved:

1. Fresh perspective on how prospects are viewing your firm and services
2. Learn the steps to take to better engage your target audience
3. Identify key brand elements important to the market
4. Strengthen digital platforms — heavily relied on in today’s business environment
5. Generational buying behaviors are very different — need to meet the prospect where they are


Ensure your social media efforts are fruitful and are working to support your broader business goals. Streamline your efforts to drive the best results with limited time and resources.

What’s Included:

1. Review of current social channels
2. Recommendations report outlining key findings
3. 30-minute goal setting session
4. Social media management process
5. Daily activity checklist
6. Sample content calendar
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Gaps Filled — Issues Solved:

1. Online reputation matters to prospects & clients.
2. People want to work with people, not companies. Social media offers a platform to share personality and expertise; humanizing the online experience
3. Meet your clients and prospects where they are — most are on social media daily
4. Need an easy & inexpensive method of managing social media
5. You don’t have the time or experience to worry about social media
6. Conversations happen casually versus a sales approach and referrals are easier to receive


Cut through the clutter in the marketplace, position your firm as a trusted resource and align your firm with prestigious business brands.

What’s Included:

1. Regionally published thought leadership piece — Executive Q&A
2. Custom content, thought leadership formatted for publication, social media and blog
3. Tactics to promote published piece
4. Web pdf to use on website, in follow-up email communications and email signatures with hotlinks.
5. Unique, eye-catching sales collateral - 50 reprints (additional copies can be purchased)
6. 10 magazine copies for target mailings (additional copies can be purchased)
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Gaps Filled — Issues Solved:

1. Brand differentiation — sales & marketing tools that catch attention and cut through the cluttered marketplace
2. Reputation builder — alignment with highly recognizable brand
3. Publishing conveys credibility, which aids in trust building
4. Exposure to ideal client in target market
5. Multi-functional content
6. Unique sales collateral & target mailers


Let the experts create an affordable video series that will enable you to deliver content that converts and engages more prospects and clients. People work with people, not companies. Video is a great way to showcase your expertise, and personality – humanize the experience.

What's Included:

1. Questionnaire to determine purpose and goals
2. A content strategy & story board
3. Full recording and footage to use in future tactics
4. Done-For-You edited, 4-part video series for your website & social media
5. Getting started checklist with video best practices
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Gaps Filled — Issues Solved:

1. Higher engagement - visuals are processed better and produce faster and stronger reactions
2. Generational buying behaviors are very different — you need to meet the prospect where they are
3. To meet the prospect where they are
4. Showcase your expertise on the platforms your ideal client desires
5. Expand your reach to your ideal prospect
6. Differentiate from your competition
7. Personalizing content in video conveys credibility, which builds trust
8. Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO)