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Creating Content That Converts – How to Get Started

Attracting prospects and driving engagement with high-converting, personalized content is what we all want. The challenge is knowing how to accomplish this without consuming our time and staff resources. Creating content that converts starts with defining your key elements of what you want or should share that’s the most valuable to your ideal client.

There are two pathways to follow. Creating a content mission statement or content pillars.

Content Mission Statement

The content mission statement, in simple terms, answers the question of why you are doing what you are doing. Why are you creating each piece of content and it is the light that should guide your daily efforts.

Content Pillars

Content pillars are categories or themes that are the most meaningful to your ideal client and the services you provide. As an example, if your firm provides consultation, then education is a good content pillar. You would focus on providing information and practical recommendations on timely topics in your blogs, videos, and on social media to invite further conversation with your target audience.

When defining your mission or content pillars answer these questions:

1. Who are you speaking to? Who is your ideal client?
2. What are you offering, and qualified to give your ideal client?
3. Why should your clients care? What’s the grander purpose?

As an example, here are EMI’s:

• Who our content is for: owners and operators of small professional service firms
• What we provide: practical tips and guides, actionable advice and success stories
• Why it matters: so our clients & prospects can easily implement tactics to help their business grow


Using the who-what-why approach is a good place to start but there is more that you need to do to be successful. You need to drill back to your statement or pillars as you create your content calendar each month or week and ensure you are relevant and consistent.


For assistance in creating your content mission statement or pillars, feel free to contact me at (513) 309-0719, or [email protected]. To learn more about content that converts, check out https://eminetwork.com/uncategorized/tips-for-creating-content-that-coverts/.