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Women in Business

Celebrating Women in Business – Our Story

Many incredible women have helped, inspired, empowered, mentored, and supported EMI owner Lisa Lickert over the years – brilliant business minds, caring leaders and work-life balance masters. While she has volunteered with women’s organizations, mentored young women climbing the ladder, and played the connector role as often as possible, she wanted to do more. Lisa struggled to find an opportunity to help women in business on a broader scale. She wanted to find something that celebrated the individual, their business and their impact in the community. Something that raised awareness and inspired others.

After several years of searching, Lisa found herself at the helm of EMI Network and the model easily unfolded. In 2013, she created a women’s platform partnering with accomplished, savvy and successful women in various markets across the country to celebrate them in the pages of the most prestigious publications in the world.

Women in Business Platform

EMI’s women’s platform uniquely positions women in business and showcases their business savvy while telling their story and sharing their expertise with their target market. The platform draws attention to women leaders and their businesses, inspiring readers with their stories, compelling readers to explore their services and celebrating women’s successes.

Each year our Woman in Business program launches with International Women’s Day and includes opportunities to appear at a 15% discount in Forbes*, Fortune or Entrepreneurs’ issues focusing on women leaders and their impact on the business community. Click below for details and/or schedule a conversation to see if your business is eligible to participate.

Right Audience. Right Message. Right Results.

We’ve strategically targeted issues celebrating women across the country to publish regional, women-owned, operated, and led organizations. Appear in Forbes*, Fortune, or Entrepreneur…alongside the most admired women entrepreneurs and executives.

For over 37 years, we have been helping businesses differentiate their brands, gain exposure to an influential audience and tell their story to their target audience. Since 2013, we’ve accomplished the same with our women’s platform.


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