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Law Leaders

Experience Helping Law Leaders Grow

EMI has been working with law firms since 2001. What started with collaborative marketing through well-known print publications has now transformed into relevant multichannel marketing. We understand the highly competitive landscape and how to uniquely position firms in the marketplace, as well as the challenges of negative public perception, and how to overcome those challenges.

Turnkey Programs Solving the Most Pressing Marketing Challenges

Our affordable and diverse programs are designed to meet you where you are in your marketing journey. We have structured each program to leverage your current marketing assets while refreshing, revising or building what’s needed to meet the demanding market and client expectations.

Our clients are practitioners in their firms, like us, and we understand the demands of growing the business as you manage the business. Therefore, all of our programs are created with turnkey systems and processes to allow you to focus on your core and allow us to do what we do best – care and elevate our clients’ brands.

We Help Law Leaders

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