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With 40 years of experience serving the small business community, we’ve identified key areas of need where we can offer the highest impact on business growth. Our roots are marketing but our superpower is marketing and sales integration that drives higher results for the businesses we serve.

We pride ourselves on meeting our clients where they are and customizing the right solutions to drive the needed results. While the offerings below tend to solve the most pressing needs, let’s chat about your challenges and needs and discuss how we may be able to help you.

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Sales & Marketing Integration

Stop investing in bad marketing tactics. We’ve all been there and some of us have been there a few times. Following a few strategy sessions, we tie your marketing and sales activities together in a practical, actionable strategy and roadmap that’s not going to sit on your shelf. We help you set milestones, determine key performance indicators (KPIs), and prioritize tactics to deliver the results you want within budget.

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Roadmap Implem­entation

Cost savings. While it’s true that we are amazingly talented people (which we are), the number one reason you need EMI to implement and execute your sales and marketing roadmap is because of the cost savings versus hiring in-house staff or paying a traditional agency. We leverage your current resources and fill the gaps with the diverse talent necessary to execute your roadmap and deliver the needed results for less.

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Acquire, Nurture & Convert

Do you spend 85% of your time following up? If so, when do you prospect? We’ve never met anyone who can spend the time necessary to properly follow up with a contact or stay in touch with a client while building a funnel. This program enables you to do just that in a highly personalized way and is fully managed by us and integrated with your CRM or marketing platform.

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Compet­itive Differen­tiation

Your prospective clients think your brochure is boring. It’s okay, we’ve all made the mistake of focusing on features and benefits. Creating content that serves our ideal client and helps you stand out in your market is hard but leading with value before citing differentiators is the best way to build relationships and earn trust. In this program, we create custom, multi-functional, evergreen content that serves your audience. Then we help you get it in front of the right audience in a meaningful way.

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Scale Referrals

Referrals. Referrals. Referrals. We all want more referrals, but most don’t have a referral system in place, nor do they have the resources to drive the volume that is needed. This platform turns your client experience into your competitive advantage. You can conveniently and effortlessly chat with clients in one place, automate campaigns and interact confidently with leads the way they prefer.

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Nurture & Retain

Ninety-seven percent of your market is not ready to work with you nor do they need your services right now—and it takes 8–13 times before contacts engage with you. What are you doing to address these realities of prospect and client communications? This program nurtures your prospects and clients in a systematic but meaningful way and helps you stay top of mind throughout the prospect and client journey.

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