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Does Defining my Client Profile really Improve Conversion?

Absolutely. However, it can be difficult to narrow your focus to one prospect or client profile. No one wants to limit their business potential. But, when you focus on the best client, the one you help the most and are the most successful with as well as the one you generate a strong profit from, your conversion rate increases significantly.

I’m not suggesting you don’t work with other businesses that you organically meet or receive referrals. What I’m talking about is strategically managing your outreach, marketing and sales efforts to improve your results. Talking to the masses will generate a reasonable number of conversions; however, targeting your communications with deliver a much higher return.

By defining your ideal customer profile, you can become clearer on your differentiators, the problems you solve for your client and your key messaging can be refined. In addition, profiling your ideal client will help you build marketing materials & communications that are relevant to your top clients.

Once you’ve determined your ideal client, you should test your current and future initiatives with the profile in mind. Here are 4 simple tips to guide you through this process:

1. Segmentation

Personalized emails can improve click-through rates by 14% and drives 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails (HubSpot, 2020). By building a strong ideal client profile, you can segment your list to create campaigns that align with their specific needs and decision-making process.

2. Examine Common Demographic Traits

Look at all the clients you have worked with in the past and create an overview of their traits, such as age, gender, title, and what services you provided. This data can help pinpoint who your ideal clients are, which is beneficial in determining what information and where to market.
This is also known as buyer persona. Buyer Persona provides structure and context for your company, making it easier to map out content while allocating your team’s time and resources. See “Must Haves: Customer Profile & Buyer Persona” https://eminetwork.com/uncategorized/must-haves-customer-profile-buyer-persona/.

3. Content Creation and Mapping

Create content, such as blogs, social posts, emails, or newsletter, that will engage your ideal prospects and clients. Then align your content with your ideal client’s mindset. What question or concerns might they have? How can you meet them where they are and provide value?

Remember that writing content may differ depending on the client. For example, is this client just starting with your firm or have they been in contact with your firm for a while? Personalization is key to all content marketing.

4. Create an Empathy Map

An Empathy Map is a marketing tactic that allows you to gain a deeper insight into your ideal client. Imagine stepping into their shoes – what are they thinking and feeling? what they’re seeing and hearing? What are their reactions? What are their solutions? This method helps create and develop problem solving techniques that better address their biggest concerns.

If your client profile is too broad, you cannot answer these specific questions. Your communications become generic, and your firm looks like every other firm out there. You must meet your prospects where they are to increase your conversions. The only way to do that is target your audience.

If you would like to discuss how to build your ideal client profile or receive a complimentary consulting session, please contact me, Lisa Lickert, at https://eminetwork.com/schedule-a-30-minute-information-session/ or (513) 309-0719, [email protected].