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Grow Your Business through Publishing

Not a believer? I don’t blame you but take a look at what’s happening. One client said that our custom publishing work was a game changer for his financial firm. A client in healthcare consulting shared that she was able to get a meeting with her top prospect after trying for 2 years, because of our publishing program. A law firm we worked with back in 2014 recently reached out to us –the custom publishing work we did for them continues to be a key part of their marketing strategy.

These results tell the real story of how professional services firms can grow their business through publishing. We all know that reputation matters, and building (and maintaining) credibility for you or your firm is essential to growing your business. Both feed the foundation of trust, which is necessary to build solid, long-lasting relationships.

Therefore publishing works, specifically print. We all know that publishing is an investment, regardless of the platform, but even with this knowledge, we identify the author as a subject matter expert and someone reputable. And showcasing your expertise and sharing knowledge can personalize the experience for the reader.

New technologies have surfaced to do it all yourself, from writing, publishing to distribution. One thing to keep in mind is, do you have the resources (time) and expertise to manage all aspects on your own? From content strategy to execution, it can get daunting. If the do it all yourself route doesn’t appeal to you, there are firms out there that simplify the process. See https://eminetwork.com/programs/ for details.

Here are three tips to consider, when publishing:

1. Be Featured in Major Publication

Magazines, newspapers or blog features are a great way to achieve more sales and help raise brand awareness. Press features have proven to be just as effective as SEO at attracting customers.

Major publications also help you to reach a larger target audience. Create content specifically geared towards specific outlets. For example, Forbes, Fortune or Entrepreneur target business-minded individuals.

2. Develop A Unique Voice

Regardless of your business, your messages will be quite similar to that of your competitors; You are all in the same field and offering similar solutions to common consumer issues.
To separate yourself from your competitors depends on the brand voice you develop. Is the tone of your business funny? Smart? Quirky? Developing your voice isn’t something you create overnight. Take a look at your audience and brainstorm the best ways to reach them.

3. Be Open with Your Audience

Take advantages of opening up to an audience. You can appeal to editors, attract clients better by being honest with your story.
Your goal should be to show potential clients why they should trust you while leaving a lasting impression. If you truly want to be seen as an industry leader, don’t shy away from giving your audience a glance into the inner workings of your company. True insights will attract attention while positioning you as the expert in your field.

Want to learn more about building your story and connecting your audience with your business check out “Stories Sell: A Compelling story can help set your brand apart.” https://eminetwork.com/blog/stories-sell-a-compelling-story-can-help-set-your-brand-apart/.

Or, to learn more about how you can grow your business through publishing https://eminetwork.com/schedule-a-30-minute-information-session/. As always you can contact me with any questions at (513) 309-0719 or [email protected].