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How do I audit my client experience to make sure I have processes and systems aligned with my brand?

Hopefully, work has been done creating a Customer Journey map. If not, there are Customer Journey map templates available for free online & more information can be found at The map is your playbook for what you do for your clients and all the steps along the way.

1st – Map out and document the internal client experience. From the onboarding stage through the client lifecycle, map what happens within the company and how things flow with the internal team. Identifying the who (such as making sure the right team member is assigned to the client as the lead), what and when on communications. Also, clarify what is an acceptable time frame for responding and what protocol method, i.e. phone or email or text.

2nd – Map out and document the external client experience. Again, from the onboarding stage through the client lifecycle, knowing the who, map out the what and when on communications, and the stages of the body of work and client services. Draw out your services/product road map. Clarify or confirm the people that are involved along the way.

3rd – Ask past and current clients how their experience can be improved. Express that in continuing to improve both them and your firm is making us all better.

4th – Check on the language used, the style of communication, and the brand voice of the company to use in communications. For example, someone may want to use Man, Dude, Bro, and that might not be appropriate language in your professional communications. People have different writing skills and levels there so some coaching may be needed.

5th – Look at what systems are being used, what backups are in place, archives of communication, and if there’s any review of those communications appropriate without having team members feel like they are being watched over too much.

Answer provided by Adam Smith, Owner of Sound Press, a digital growth agency