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How to Break Through the Content Clutter

With COVID and remote working, our in box and social media are flooded with connection requests, messages and information sharing. Even this blog is adding to the clutter. So how can you break through the clutter and get in front of your prospects in a unique way?

I have been selling in the B2B environment for over 20 years and a marketer for 8 of those years. I know it takes at least 6 to 8 touchpoints to generate a viable lead and more than 10 touchpoints to convert that lead to an engaged prospect. When you consider everyone in your space doing the same thing and now adding more touchpoints to the process due to COVID, that is a lot of clutter.

How can you successfully break through this clutter? It is easier said than done. You break through when your content is unique but more importantly, when you uniquely position your firm/brand. You cannot push services or simply share that you are the best. You cannot leave behind your pocket folder and business card or mail typical collateral and get noticed. You need to get people talking. You need to make your content appealing. You need to inspire people to action. You need to show your personality. You need to be transparent. And, most importantly, you need to be sincere.

Step back from your current marketing and sales practices and reflect on what you are doing. Look at your website, your social channels, any blogs or newsletters you have published. Look at your standardized email communications, collateral, and any other knowledge assets you might possess. Are you detailing features and benefits or are you talking about experiences and successes (understanding our financial firms have compliance limitations)? Are you leveraging the talents of your team and what they personally bring to the client relationship? Are you sharing stories about how you impacted the community or your team’s lives? And most importantly, are you formatting and distributing your content like all your competitors or are you doing something different?

When you consider that 57% of the buyer’s journey is over before anyone ever speaks to a salesperson in your organization (most conservative statistic located on this topic) and the amount of clutter you must break through to gain the attention of your buyer, investing in a content plan is essential to the growth of your business. For more information on how EMI can help your business break through the clutter, you are welcome to contact me directly at [email protected] or (513) 309-0719 or check out our programs page at https://eminetwork.com/programs/

Written by Lisa Lickert, President