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How to Engage with your Audience Online Besides Social Media

Most regional professional services firms struggle with social media and how to leverage social platforms to build relationships and attract their target audience. So, while you work on your social strategy and content plan, rest easy that you have other ways to engage your target audience.

We don’t recommend doing one or the other, they are parallel paths. It can get overwhelming and understanding that most don’t have the time and resources to allocate to online initiatives, we’ve kept it simple and outlined three ways that can help you engage with your audience online outside of social media.

1. Start using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is powerful content marketing tool; It covers all the vital stats you need, the age of your visitors, their location, the device they’re using, as well as which browser. Google Analytics also allows you to see which channels drive the most traffic

With this information you can make decisions about which marketing efforts are most useful in driving website traffic and will provide you with insight that will enable you to make marketing decisions about the type of content that you use on your website.

We recommend reviewing your analytics at least monthly and if you plan to launch a campaign or a key marketing initiative, pull your analytics before your launch. Then compare your stats at your milestones or end of project.

2. Use Email for Direct Feedback

Email marketing is another easy way to engage your target audience. Be sure that all your communications include collection of contact information, specifically email. Maintain a database so you can send your prospects and clients email every so often.

You can use the email outreach to activate a particular blog or social post, speak on a timely topic and ask for feedback about your work. Email helps you cast a wider net while nurturing your relationships using multiple platforms.

3. Write a blog

Just about anyone can write a blog. Keep it simple. You’re likely reading material about your industry, so use what you’re already doing as inspiration. Link the material and speak on the topic. Personalize the article with your position, comments or guidance.

If you are in a compliance regulated industry, like financial services, write the blog and publish after approvals are received. Compliance requires planning, but is shouldn’t prevent you from providing your prospects and clients valuable information.

If there is a common question that your clients or prospects pose, consider writing a blog and using it as follow-up or a touchpoint in your sales process.

Effective engagement and marketing always start with a commitment to serving your audience, the sales will naturally follow. EMI’s programs are designed with this in mind. Check out our programs or schedule time to talk.