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Not Another New Year Blog

I promise that this is not another New Year blog. We’ve all had our fair share of year-end and kick off guides and motivation, so I thought it would be nice to read about something completely different. Let’s talk about planning to have fun. Yes, fun. I’m not referring to a vacation or weekend trip. While those are fun, I’m talking about every day.

I listen to a podcast every morning when I’m getting ready. It’s usually motivational or focuses on personal development. We all need to work each day to improve our mind (and our bodies), and this is one of my ways of learning and growing with intentionality.

Today I was listening to Hal Elrod. He is the author of Miracle Morning, a book I read about 5 or so years ago that shaped how I start each day. Not sure why I chose Hal’s podcast this morning because I haven’t listened to an episode in quite a while, but I’m glad that I did.

The podcast outlined 8 areas of goal setting. Nothing new but the one area that caught my attention this morning talked mainly about self-care and planning to have fun. Let me repeat that. Planning to have fun. What? I can usually have fun with most everything I do. I laugh a lot, and I tend to see the positive side of situations and people. However, I can be very intense and serious. I plow through my day often eating at my desk and not logging off until later than I should. I take my business(es) seriously and work very hard to achieve or exceed every goal I set. I’m likely not much different than most of my clients or you, reading this blog.

Planning my day to include something that I have fun doing is such a foreign concept to me. I’ve always looked at it as a spontaneous thing. What about you? As it turns out, there are many resources that can help you add fun into your daily routine. Who knew! Here are a few of my favorites from one of the sites I visited, lifehack.org.

  1. Walk it off – Instead of heading straight home or jumping into your evening plans (if you’re working remotely) take a walk. Maybe walk first thing in the morning or at lunchtime, whichever works best. It’s a quick way to burn calories, clear your thoughts, catch some rays (vitamin D does the body good) and maybe see something that makes you smile.
  2. Learn a joke – break up the monotony that can happen in the workplace or when working remotely. Learn a new joke that you can send out to your co-workers or share at the start of your meeting. A much-needed laugh, even at a bad joke, will help break up the daily grind. Each time you share the joke you’ll likely smile or laugh at the other person’s reaction.
  3. Explore your memory bank – take a moment to relax and think about memories that brought you joy. Are there any old stomping grounds where you had tons of fun that you haven’t visited in a long time? If so, go visit. When you do, you’ll be flooded with more positive memories that you forgot until now.

I’m a mindset junkie & a wellness go-getter, so if you found this blog interesting and would like to reach out to me to talk further, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or (513) 309-0719.  Wishing you a ton of fun each and everyday!