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Responding to our clients’ needs with new, affordable, turnkey, multi-channel programs

Over our 37-year history, EMI has partnered with top brands and marketers to develop an extensive network to ensure our access to influential audiences and unique programs with lead generation value. You, our client, have shared how these programs have helped your businesses stand out from your competitors and expand your reach. We often get the question, “What’s next?”.
To answer that question, we have recently partnered with Sound Press, a digital growth firm trusted by top brands like General Motors, eBay and ACDelco. Together, we have taken our large brand capabilities, passion for helping the small- to mid-size firms grow and built multi-channel, regionally targeted programs. Powered by a combined experience of almost 60 years – WHEN WE PARTNER, YOU GROW!

Our programs are affordable and diverse and designed to meet our clients where they are in the marketing journey. We have structured each program to leverage our clients’ current marketing assets while refreshing, revising or building what’s needed to meet the demanding market and their client expectations.

Our clients are practitioners in their firms, like us, and we understand the demands of growing the business as you manage the business.

Therefore, all of our programs were created with turnkey systems and processes to allow our client to focus on their core and allow us to do what we do best – care and grow our clients’ brands.