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The Power of Video

The power of video is undeniable. Video content has been shown to have a whopping 2x higher engagement rate than other social media posts because people love videos so much!
Did you know…the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text? Imagine how important video is in a world where we have 8 seconds to gain the attention of our target audience.

And people choose video over other non-video options because of the visual appeal and entertainment value. People can obtain more of the non-verbal messaging through a person’s body language, voice inflection and even the background images, when you’re watching a video.

If you can gain more in less time, wouldn’t you do the same?

Most of us claim we don’t have enough time for the reason we aren’t doing something. Video communicates more in less time, so what’s holding you back from creating videos for your business?
If you’re thinking “I don’t want to be on camera.” or “I have no idea where to begin creating videos.” or “Don’t you need a bunch of fancy equipment and a camera crew to create video content?” then know this: you are not alone. These are 3 of the top reasons why most small business owners don’t do video.

And you’re in the right place at the right time.

EMI Network is launching a Content That Convert Series on Tuesday, September 13th starting with The Power of Video.

You’re invited!

Our guest speaker and my co-host for the Webinar is Vicki O’Neill, a 20+ year veteran in marketing and sales. When I met Vicki, it was clear that her passion for helping small businesses thrive matched mine. Her expertise in scaling video to help businesses better engage and convert and her video superpowers is why I’m so excited she is with us for this session.

A highlight reel of what we will cover:
• Content planning and multi-functional content
• The importance of video to increase conversions
• How video helps establish trust in a brand
• Why doing video right now will be the best decision you’ll make this year


If you’ve been thinking about, talking about video or wanting to create videos in the past 12 months but haven’t taken that first step yet – this is a must attend!