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What is Your Irresistible Offer?

This is day 5 of a 5-day challenge that I’m doing to kick off 2021. As a mindset junkie and a wellness goal getter, this challenge was right up my ally. I was expecting methods and processes to help me with stress, time and relationship management to achieve a better-balanced life. What I didn’t expect is to experience and receive guidance and framework for my businesses.

The most compelling question I was asked is what is your irresistible offer? I can share what problems I solve for my clients and how I help them grow. I can share how I do it. I can share why I do it. But I struggled to answer the exact question. I was completely surprised. I’m very proud of what we do and how we help owners and businesses, so this was a shock to me.

If I were to ask you what your irresistible offer is, could you tell me? I would challenge you and say you couldn’t. Most don’t think about their offering as irresistible. It’s not what differentiates you from your competitors, although this is part of it. It’s not about why someone should do business with you, although this is part of it, too. It’s framing or maybe even changing your offering in a way that creates an irresistible experience for your client.

There are really three parts to this topic that is important. Before you can answer the question of what your irresistible offering is, you must clearly define your client or customer. After you have your ideal client clearly defined, you can then answer the question. Once it’s answered, you must over deliver and give more to your ideal client. Most say that they do, but few actually do.

Here are the three parts:

Who is your ideal client or customer? Not in general terms but with specificity. This is extremely important to define. When I ask my clients who their ideal client is, I often get “high net worth individual” or “business owner”. This is not good enough and will lead to you working harder and not smarter to grow your business. To succeed in defining your ideal client, you must get to know everything about that person. How they operate. What do they like or dislike. What are their needs. What are the issues that they face. What excites them. What brings them success. Who they are in the community and with their families. All of these details matter. See my blog https://eminetwork.com/uncategorized/must-haves-customer-profile-buyer-persona/ for guidance on how to build your client profile and persona.

What is your irresistible offer? You offer something that is better, different, or more valuable than anyone else. What is it? Is it the way you deliver your service? Do you do something unique in your industry that no one else can do? Why would someone want to work with you and your firm versus your competitor? It’s special. It’s important. It’s exciting to be apart of. It’s not, “I give great customer service.” Every one says that. This is something that will draw clients to you and your firm.

Over deliver and give more! Since you know exactly who your ideal client is, you know what makes them tick. Deliver value without regard for profitability. Profitability always follows. With sincerity and intention give more than you ever have. Every day ask yourself, how are you going to create an amazing experience? How are you going to exceed expectations? Every. Single. Time. Prep for meetings with this mindset. Train your staff to mimic what you are doing to deliver more value. This simply becomes a part of who you are and how you operate.

To learn more about the 5-day challenge I’m attending, brainstorm on defining your irresistible offer or if you found this blog helpful and would like to discuss further, please contact me at [email protected] or (513) 309-0719.