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Why is my digital footprint so important?

In this age of technology, not having a strong online presence is something small businesses cannot afford to ignore. Historically, most seeking consultation weren’t media users; However, in today’s world your firm’s online presence is just as important as your physical presence. Social media has become one of the most influential spaces to interact with your prospective and current clients.

Think of your business’s digital footprint is the trail that your business leaves behind online. Your company’s digital behavior, such as marketing messages, business statements, social posts or lack thereof, leaves an electronic reputation.

It’s important to understand your current digital footprint by obtaining an unbiased third-party perspective. Once you do, you can better understand how the market views your business. After gaining this understanding, you can then take the necessary steps to align your footprint with your business’s growth goals and marketing initiatives.

If you need more convincing, here are several questions you can ask yourself to do a quick self-assessment of your digital footprint and see if your prospects and clients are drawing the conclusions about your services that you want them to.

1. Read all pages on your website and note what is outdated or missing. How many things do you have listed? Are your differentiators clearly outlined?

2. If you have a news or blog page on your website, when is the last time you posted? When you posted, did you push the post via social media?

3. Read your summary or about sections on your social pages. Are they consistent with how you describe yourself on your website?

4. When have you posted last on your social pages? Did you have a call to action? Any activity on the post?

5. Have you viewed your employee’s social media pages and see how your business is listed? Are they in line with your key messaging and client service methodology?

6. When you do a general search of your business, what pulls?

How long is your list of areas to improve? Every day there are potential clients considering your services, talking about you or reviewing you online. It’s likely they are seeing the issues you just uncovered and comparing you to your competitors. Can you afford to have your prospects conclude that you are not a good fit?

For more information about the importance of your digital footprint or to schedule a free 30-minute Digital Footprint Valuation click here or contact Lisa Lickert at (513) 309-0719.