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Why You Should Market When You’re Busy

When you are in the height of your busy season or when business is great, it’s tough to think about marketing. Most don’t. But when you are the busiest, that’s when you need to step on the gas the hardest. Why?

  1. You need to be top of mind to experience growth. Timing is everything and when your prospective client is ready, you want them to think of you before your competitor. If you’ve slowed or stopped your marketing, you’ve lost your edge with your prospect.
  2. Consistency matters. Smart businesses continually invest in their visibility, their branding, their website, and their local community. Consistency builds credibility. Credibility builds trust. Prospects become clients of firms they can trust.
  3. You need to maintain your position. Retaining your marketing on a regular schedule is the best way to keep your competitive edge. If you are #1 in your market, that means you have a long list of competitors trying to gain your spot. If they are actively coming for you, you can be dethroned and have a harder climb back to the top.

This blog might seem self-serving coming from a marketing company, but honestly speaking, my firm isn’t any different than yours. When the times are good and the team is extremely busy, we’ve pulled back on our marketing efforts or they have taken a different priority.

No more! 2020 taught us that it’s extremely important to stay focused on our goals. With unwavering faith in our plan (and extraordinary effort) we are staying the course during the peaks and the valleys.

If you found this blog helpful and would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or (513) 309-0719 or check out our turnkey programs at https://eminetwork.com/programs/ for details on how you can affordably outsource marketing.