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What You Need To Know About Doing Video

If you missed our webinar in the Content That Converts Series – The Power of Video, we’ve outlined some of the important tips and FAQs below and you can access the recording at The Power Of Video.

Frequently Asked Questions on Video

What equipment do I need to buy to get started?

Do It Yourself – You can use your existing smartphone or camera. You can use your webcam with Vidyard, Loom, or Bombomb to record. Editing apps, like DaVinci Resolve or Wondershare, can be purchased for a minimal mo. fee. Host videos on Vimeo or YouTube are free.

Done 4 You – Only a smartphone, webcam, or camera is needed. Host videos on Vimeo or YouTube are free.

How much time do I need to create videos?

Do It Yourself – Once you decide on the type of video, purpose, and content plan you will need to research the editing applications and learn how to edit videos through the many YouTube tutorials available. Recording the video takes minimal time. The time investment is in creating an intro & outro, editing, and creating a thumbnail. Once you learn editing and selected your apps & tools, the process can take 2-4 hours per video depending on the video length and editing needs.

Done 4 You – All you need is 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire and 1 hour for recording time.

Where am I going to find the budget for videos?

Do It Yourself – Time is money. The question is about opportunity cost. Planning, content development, recording nuances, editing functions, and learning how to activate and leverage video is time-consuming. There’s a lot of trial and error, as well. The direct costs can be quite low but the opportunity cost can be quite high.

Done 4 You Video – Consider your costs to generate leads, prospecting costs, other less effective marketing costs that video will replace. Also, consider the average revenue per new client when allocating budget dollars to video. Time is money, just like with in-house video production. What direct revenue-generating tasks are you able to focus on if video is outsourced?

Check out the Done 4 You Video package or schedule time to discuss if Do It Yourself or Done 4 You is your best route to creating content that converts.


Consider content pillars. These create the structure to help stay consistent with content creation. It then provides a platform for themes making content more focused.

For example:
Education pillar: showcase your expertise with a monthly Q&A related to a topic.
Team pillar: monthly department spotlight with weekly team member highlight.

Longevity. Think beyond the immediate need. Content’s not about a social post or a newsletter, it’s about creating a library of assets to leverage in multiple ways.

Evergreen. While you need to convey to the market that you keep your finger on the pulse, identify topics that are domain to your business and clients and stand the test of time.


First, what is conversion? It’s helping a lead or key contact from one step of your funnel or pipeline to the next.

86% help increase website traffic
84% help generate leads
83% help increase website dwell time
78% directly help increase sales


Common Types of Videos: